rent Riva Park - 2 bedroom

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Riva Park
3.15 Billion vnđ
81 m2
2 phòng ngủ
Today, i have apartment There is no need in Riva Park, Phuong 13 Quan 4. Design Area 81m2, 2 bedroom, price (VNĐ). The interior includes: no furniture. Civilized residents, full utilities.. Call yourself to lead you to reality check in, Cong Ty Phone 0941.22.23.24

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Utilities in the area
Car parking lot
Green campus
Gym, Yoga
Service fee
Car parking fee
Riva Park
1.2 Million vnđ
Motorcycle parking fee
Riva Park
80.000 vnđ
Management fee
Riva Park
11.000 vnđ /m2

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