rent Topaz City - 2 bedroom - 2 wc

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Topaz City
10 Million vnđ
75 m2
2 phòng ngủ
My parents just bought a Villa for me. Now I have a need apartment There is no need in Topaz City, Ta Quang Buu - Phuong 6 Quan 8. My apartment has Area 75m2, 2 bedroom, 2WC, price 10.000.000 (VNĐ). The interior includes: no furniture. easy traffic. Need to reserve space in front of this apartment, please contact me ☎: Linh Le Phone 0941.22.23.24

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Utilities in the area
Car parking lot
Green campus
Gym, Yoga
Tennis court
BBQ area
Restaurant, cafe
Grocery store
Service fee
Car parking fee
Topaz City
750.000 vnđ
Motorcycle parking fee
Topaz City
80.000 vnđ
Management fee
Topaz City
6.000 vnđ /m2

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