rent The Pegasuite

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The Pegasuite
0.229 vnđ
0 m2
My parents gave us a villa in Phu My Hung. I have an apartment There is no need in The Pegasuite, Phuong 6 Quan 8. Design price 229 (VNĐ). The interior includes: no furniture. Near elementary school, high school, high school, university, market, supermarket, delicious street. Want to see this apartment, call first Cong Ty Phone 0941.22.23.24

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Utilities in the area
Car parking lot
Green campus
Restaurant, cafe
Service fee
Car parking fee
The Pegasuite
1.1 Million vnđ
Motorcycle parking fee
The Pegasuite
120.000 vnđ
Management fee
The Pegasuite
8.800 vnđ /m2

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